At Houston Gold Merchants We Make Buying or Selling Bitcoin Easy.

There are two things you can do when you’re working with Bitcoin – you can buy it or sell it. We try to make both transactions easy and accessible for new buyer or sellers. You can sell yours to us or you can buy bitcoin (BTC) for a fee (usually 3 to 8 percent) over the cost. In order to buy and hold bitcoin (BTC), you’ll need a bitcoin wallet. A bitcoin wallet is exactly what you think it is, it’s a place to keep your money- just in electronic form. It’s not mysterious or hard and you don’t have to buy a whole coin – you can buy as little as 1/1000th of a coin. Give us a call, we’ll help you try it out. Or you can take you chances with a machine in the middle of nowhere with a customer service number painted on the side. But until you know what you’re doing, come work with me – I’ll help you avoid the mistakes that some people make and you’ll be more comfortable with your progress in this new tech environment.

So if you don’t have an account yet, perhaps give us a call ad we’ll help you get one set up.

Like All New Things, At First, It's Hard.

You’ve heard of bitcoin, you know it’s like money, it’s in the news, people are talking about it, but how do you get it? That’s why we’re here. We can either sell it to you, tell you where to buy it, buy yours or tell you where you can sell it.

First get a wallet…and a wallet’s not the same thing as an exchange…and exchange is made to help you trade bitcoin and other altcoins (alt coin is just another name for all non-bitcoin cryptocurrency). A wallet is designed to help you store them – safely.

Once you get a wallet, you should ensure that it is equipped with 2-way authentication. Two way authentication means that you have a 1) password for your wallet AND 2) a random number generator that produces a random code on your phone every time you need to sign in. This makes it so that someone would have to gain direct control of your phone in order to hack your account.

So you have a wallet, but you may need to conduct a small transaction in order to validate it before you can put bitcoin…but after that you’re done.

Now you can receive bitcoin from just about anywhere in the world.

If you want to sell bitcoin, we can do that, too. But obviously if you’re selling, you already have an account and you just want to know the terms – so read on.

So let’s talk about what matters - what's it cost to sell bitcoin?

Price matters when you sell anything and we get that. We try too be fair and transparent. That’s why we post all the rates of our transactions up front on our website.

The very best rates you’ll get are for selling large amounts of BTC. If you want to sell 0.25 BTC or less, you can expect to pay approximately 15% in fees. For more than 1 BTC, it’s 12% and for anything greater than 1.5 BTC, you’ll pay 10%. But for these prices you’ll get your money same day. In cash if you want it once your transaction has been confirmed.  So it’s really an opportunity to get money when you have an issue to deal with right away.

There is an opportunity cost associated with every transaction, of course. That means that if there are other transactions that may offer our company better opportunities, there may be times when we’ll be unable to honor these rates.

If you need to sell bitcoin in Houston, think of Houston Gold Merchants

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