At Houston Gold Merchants We Now Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment

You can now buy precious metals at Houston Gold Merchants with cryptocurrency! We already have made the precious metals buying process easy, but now we are offering the convenience of a new payment option through cryptocurrency. Skip the trip to the bank and come straight to us for all your gold and silver needs!

To use cryptocurrency to buy precious metals, click here


What are the benefits of buying precious metals with cryptocurrency?

You may have some questions about buying precious metals with cryptocurrency, and we are here to help! So what are some benefits of using crypto as payment? First and probably most importantly, you will get your metals at a LOWER premium! Doesn’t everyone love lower prices? We know we do! Another benefit is not carrying all the cash with you to us. Most people feel weird or uncomfortable carrying lots of cash on them, but now you don’t have to!

What's the process for your transaction when paying with cryptocurrency?

At Houston Gold Merchants we make the metals buying process very simple and now you can skip the bank and head straight to us to pay with cryptocurrency. Set up your appointment, arrive at our location, and pay with crypto using your designated wallet. Depending on which coin you choose to use, the time may vary for when it arrives in our account. Once the transaction is complete and in our account (regardless of confirmations), you can leave with your metal.

You can use Coinbase Commerce to facilitate purchases of gold or silver with cryptocurrency stable coins.

Are you ready?

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Appointments will be strongly preferred for crypto transactions

Any questions about this process? Give us a call and we are happy to help!

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