We’re Gold Buyers – It’s What We Do

We’re gold buyers. We mostly buy gold, often the scrap kind.  But occasionally we’ll tell you that your gold is more valuable as a piece…then we’ll tell you what your options are. We can help you sell it, show you how to sell it if you want to do it yourself, or refer you to someone who can sell it on consignment.

Because even though we’re gold buyers, we’re business people first. We know that if we give you a good deal, or even just point you in the right direction – you’re probably going to refer your friends to us. And that helps us grow our business. And at the end of the day, that actually is going to help us more than making an extra $200 bucks buying your antique or heirloom gold. So we’ll always make the right decision for our customers. Because there’s more to being a gold buyer than just buying gold.

So sure, we’re gold buyers. But if you’re looking for a gold buyer who can be a consultant and assist you in making the right decisions, instead of just a robot that buys whatever you put in front of them, then come see Houston Gold Merchants. We’ll do the right thing- even though we’re gold buyers.