It’s basically just math, right?

You take the weight of the item, multiplied by the price of gold. Easy, right? Well, you’d think so, but some dealers try to make it more than it is.

Most dealers won’t tell you a price over the phone.

Most dealers won’t tell you a price over the phone. “The price changes all the time, so we don’t quote over the phone…” Nonsense. The price doesn’t change THAT much. They don’t WANT to give you a quote. They’re trying to maximize profits – at your expense.

The prices are what the prices are, so don’t work with people who won’t quote you.

When you call us, you’ll get a “Quote by Phone” estimate. Though we can’t tell you exactly. You can send us a picture…we’ll try to help. If it’s used gold or silver jewelry, we can tell you a price within 10%. If you know the weight or if you don’t, we’ll give you an estimate anyway.

It’s all valuable, it’s just a question of how much. At my store, I’ll tell you how much. No nonsense, no games – just doing the math.

Everything we do is honest and up front.

Our testing is on the counter where you can see it. Our scale is right in front of you, we don’t take your gold “to the back”. We don’t block your view. At our store, you see everything while it happens. You can be sure you’re getting a good deal. We even show you the prices, then let you decide. It’s pretty simple.

Get a Quote By Phone Today!

If you want to sell gold in Houston, at least call us for a quote. Our “Quote by Phone” program will help you get started. It’ll give you an idea of who buys gold in Houston at the best prices. And that’s worth a minute or two, right? It might cost you several hundred dollars if you DON’T make the call. So do your research, sell your gold in Houston to the best dealer. But make sure you get a second opinion.

Selling Gold In Houston
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