Why Do You Sell Your Gold

When you sell your scrap gold in Houston, you’re trying to create a little liquidity. Whether you’re just picking up some cash or you’re actually trying to pay bills and keep the ball rolling, SOMEONE has to buy it. And that’s us. We’re gold and silver buyers in Houston.

That’s what we do. There’s a set price, the “spot” price, and we give you a set percentage of that. The amount you receive only changes with the amount of gold you want to sell. Sell your gold in quantity and you’ll receive more, sell just a little bit and you’ll get a smaller percentage.

The US is the same way, but when there’s nobody to BUY their US Treasuries, how will they get cash to keep the ball rolling? China won’t buy it, England can’t, Australia won’t. So it’ll be left up to the Fed. The Fed will buy it…just like QE1, QE2 and Operation Twist…

That’s going to depress the value of the dollar again and increase gold prices. So you’ll be able to sell your gold in Houston for more than ever before. Stay tuned.