If you are looking for ways to raise money for your organization in Houston but you don’t want to sell candles or tote bags, we’ve got a new idea for you. Try using gold!!

Gold is one of the most effective ways to raise money for your organization and it’s easy and fun to have a fundraiser using gold. You just let the members of your organization know that you’re hosting a fundraiser and we’ll do the rest. We’ll bring the equipment, the staff and the knowledge to make your group’s fundraiser a huge success. It’s not magic and there’s no secret. Gold just happens to be very expensive right now and a small pair of women’s earrings is worth nearly $100 in today’s market. So while gold prices are high, take advantage of this peculiar behavior:

Thousands of people lose an earring here or there or break a necklace or get tired of a ring or piece of jewelry, but then they never actually throw it out. If it’s broken or unwanted, they’ll just store it in their dresser drawer, sometimes forgetting that it’s there for years. Often, when you notify them that you’re raising money for your church or civic organization, it’ll jog their memory and they’ll contribute!!

It can be that easy. You simply have to ask. And even though people have been selling gold to shops like ours for years now, they’ll still contribute to a good cause. Often they won’t even trade it in for themselves, but they will for a good cause. Yours might be the good cause.

And hosting a fundraiser with gold is easy. It doesn’t require you to devote any staff, you don’t have to buy any products, you don’t have to sign any contracts, you just have to alert your members that you’re having a fundraiser and when they show up, count the profits.

And unlike other fundraisers, the split isn’t 30% to your organization and 70% to the company…when you work with Houston Gold Merchants, YOU make up to 70%!!! We’ve turned fundarising in Houston on it’s head!!!

Years ago, when donating cars was relatively new, the early adopters made lots of money selling cars for scrap. Today, the early adopters of fundraising with gold will be able to have great success and those organizations that come later will have a tougher time achieving the same levels of success.

Make sure that your group is among the former and not the latter. You can make an astounding amount of money with fundraising with gold in Houston. It’s fun it’s easy and you barely have to lift a finger.

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