What’s it take to be the best gold buyer in Houston? How about honesty? Maybe integrity? That’s a good start. And certainly price has got to play a part.

At Houston Gold Merchants, we’re meeting all of those goals and more. We weigh the gold in front of you, on the counter, on a scale you can see, we pay you a higher starting percentage than most stores final offer, we always tell you if there’s a better way for you to make more money selling it yourself, we never take the gold to the back, we do everything up front on the counter, we show you the “spot” price of gold on a computer where you can see and we never do the high pressure thing. That’s not our cup of tea. That’s not how we roll.

A lot of gold buyers in Houston say they’re the best, but we’d prefer that YOU say we’re the best. Anyone can SAY they’re the best gold buyer, but it’s more important what the customer thinks. We want you to consider us the best.

So do your research, Google us, go to Yelp or ask any of the people we’ve already done business with. We’re good people. You could even go so far as to say we’re a great group. On certain days, we might be so bold as to say we the best gold buyer in Houston.

But it’s a great responsibility to be “the best.” We take that very seriously. Houston Gold Merchants. No gimmicks, just an honest transaction.