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Houston Gold Merchants is an honest Houston gold buyer. While many gold buyers in Houston provide liquidity and investment services to the community, we feel like our integrity sets us apart. Customers who do business with Houston gold buyers need to do their homework and because the industry is unregulated, and only through research and some investigation can you be sure you’re getting a good deal.


1) “What do you want for your gold/”A majority of Houston gold buyers will, when customers bring in gold, ask “What do you want to get for your gold?” When we buy gold, we do things differently.

We’ll tell you what we’re paying, we’ll show you the pricing, and we’ll show you everything in grams on a scale that works. Every gold buyer in Houston should show you weights in grams. If they show you quantities in pennyweights, they’re probably trying to distract you or deceive you.

2) It’s all a big secret. They do all their calculations, they don’t tell you what they’re doing and then they give you a total at the end. As my math teacher used to say in high school, “SHOW ME YOUR WORK”

At Houston Gold Merchants, when we buy your gold we provide you with an itemized list of the prices we’re paying you for each of the gold items we buy.

3) Bad scales. A customer recently came in to check our prices, and after we spoke with him, he went around to the various other Houston gold buyers to compare prices. What he found was interesting. Our scales weighed things heavier than the other gold buyers.

How can you know who has accurate scales? Here’s a way to check. Regular US pennies have a fixed weight. Modern pennies, because of their metal content weight 2.5 grams. Older pennies, from 1983 and prior weigh 3.0 grams. Check the scales!

4) They should tell you the spot price: Whenever you visit a Houston gold buyer, they should tell you the spot price of gold. Though it changes every minute, you should always have a general idea of the spot price before you sell. The Houston gold buyer you choose should tell you what the price is when you’re selling. If he doesn’t, that’s a bad sign.

At Houston Gold Merchants, we’ll tell you the spot price when you walk in, and every few minutes, we’ll update the spot price during the transaction.