When you sell your gold to Houston Gold Merchants we’ll show you the “magic” behind the process. Before we do anything else, we show you the price of gold so you know what’s going on. We do everything where you can see it – we weigh the gold in front of you, we test your gold or silver jewelry it in front of you and we give you a fair price. If you have diamonds, they never leave your sight while we test them or clean them. We want you to feel comfortable. We’ll show you the numbers and let you decide if you want to sell. No pressure, no nonsense. If you decide our offer is too low, you’re under no obligation to sell. But if you come to sell gold at Houston Gold Merchants, you’re going to get a lot of cash for your gold.

If you want to visit other stores, most won’t offer you what we offer the first time. Maybe they’ll “check with their manager”  or make you a “special offer” that increases your payout. But we don’t play those games. We’ll show you everything before we even start. We just give tell you what your gold is worth and give you an offer based on it’s value.

Sell Your Gold to Houston Gold Merchants

The truth is like most things, if you sell your gold in Houston, River Oaks, The Heights, South Hampton or Rice Military, you have to do some research. If you do, you’ll find out we offer very competitive rates. Ask around, find a friend who sold their class rings to a gold dealer. If they didn’t get 400-500 dollars, they probably didn’t come to our store. We won’t hesitate to quote you over the phone. We’ve got nothing to hide…Doesn’t it make you wonder why people won’t quote you over the phone? What’s that all about…We think it’s sneaky. But that’s just us.

We Buy Gold Jewlery, Old Gold, Broken Gold

Every store SAYS they pay the most for your gold, but EVERYONE can’t be paying top dollar, right? But of course, they all say they do. If you come in to sell your gold, you’ll receive a free, no obligation, quote on the value of your gold, silver, jewelry or coins. If you like the price and wish to sell your Gold, Houston Gold Merchants will pay you CASH for your gold on the spot. Questions? or Sell Gold Now! Call:

(832) 259-7225