Cash For Gold

Are you wondering where to go to sell your gold? Worried about the creepy looking gold stores that are popping up all over the place? We understand. That’s why we created Houston Gold Merchants in the heart of River Oaks. We visited one of the creepy stores before we started our own store. And it was weird. The guy seemed shifty, we felt uncomfortable. The whole process was unpleasant. So we decided to do something different. We’re honest. Seriously. That’s not a slogan, that’s just what we do.

At Houston Gold Merchants, we’ll show you the price of gold, explain to you how much you get paid and why – we won’t ever say “How much were you looking to get…” We’ll weigh the gold in front of you. Our scales are right up front, not in the back, just right there on the counter. And we do it all to make it easy on you, the customer. We want you to be comfortable with the process. We know if you’re comfortable, you’ll tell people. And we want to grow our business by doing things the right way. So we make sure the customer gets most of the money, because more often than not, that helps helps you and eventually us, too.

  • Houston Gold Merchants pays more cash than the competition.
  • Honest and transparent appraisal on-site. (Our scale is on the front counter)
  • Instant Cash payments for your Gold
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed (You can always come back and get your stuff if you change your mind)

If you’re not satisfied with your payment for any reason, simply notify us and return your cash and we will return your jewelry. We’re required to hold your jewelry for 11 days after purchase, so if you have any questions or concerns during that period, please let us know.  Gold is at all-time high, so now might be a great time to cash in. Give us a call at 832 259 7225 if you have any questions.