Selling Silver in Houston Gold Merchants

Want to sell silver in Houston? You can at Houston Gold Merchants. We buy a wide variety of silver – in every form, including X-rays, silverware, coins and bars and jewelry. And we make the sales process very easy. Our payouts are at or above market, so you’ll always get a great price. Houston Gold Merchants buys silver coins, silver bars, silver jewelry and silver flatware.

sell silver in houston

Houston Silver Buyer

Selling Silver Coins/Bars

Among the most popular forms of investment silver are silver coins that have been already circulated as money in the US. For years in the US, our currency was actually made of 90% silver. These coins have largely been removed from circulation and collected for its silver value. You can sell these coins, if you have them. They’re called “junk” silver, and they are available in quantities of several or several hundred thousand at Houston Gold Merchants.

Selling Silver Eagles (99.9% pure)

But previously circulated coins are just one of many forms of silver that you can sell at Houston Gold Merchants. You can also sell one of the most popular forms of silver on the market today, or if you want to buy, you can buy silver eagles by clicking on this link – US Silver Eagles. These coins are considered one of the finest forms of silver in the world and we buy and sell them regularly at Houston Gold Merchants.

Selling Other (99.9% pure) Coins

Canada also makes a silver bullion coin. It’s called the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf. It’s also pure silver. Mexico makes one as well. The Mexican silver bullion coin is called the Libertad. All of these coins are pure silver and investment grade bullion like the American Eagle.

Silver can also be sold in the form of jewelry. We buy sterling silver jewelry at Houston Gold Merchants in the form of bracelets, rings and necklaces that may no longer be worn or maybe broken or simply out of style. These pieces of jewelry are valuable and can be traded for cash based on their weight. We’ll give you a very good price on your silver jewelry at Houston Gold Merchants.

Selling Silver Jewelry

Selling silver jewelry is another way to convert the old jewelry you have in your drawer into cash. Again, the jewelry doesn’t have to be wearable, it doesn’t have to be clean. It will simply be weighed and we’ll determine a value based on weight times the price of silver for that day. Here’s an example of silver jewelry that was recently sold in our store

If you have old silver that’s sitting in your drawer, you can bring it in to Houston Gold Merchants to determine its value. We’ll make you an offer and if you like it, you’ll walk out with a little bit of extra spending money. You might not think it’s worth your time, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Although silver pays significantly less than gold, It is still a valuable precious metal. Items made of silver are usually larger and heavier than items made of gold and this makes them even more valuable. Houston Gold Merchants will give you the best price on silver coins, jewelry, and flatware.

Selling Your Silver Flatware

When you sell silver flatware to Houston Gold Merchants, you’re selling a given weight. Most of the time, if you want to sell silver in Houston, you have to find the word “sterling” on the silver. It will look like this with few exceptions.

Selling Silverware

Selling Silverware

Occasionally on very old pieces, there will be a stamp instead of the word “sterling”, but in general, look for the word. The pattern doesn’t matter, the cleaning doesn’t matter. It’s just weight. We weigh it and we take the price of silver and multiply it by the weight you bring in. Then we give you a very competitive offer based on the price of silver at the time we weigh the material.

Occasionally, the pattern you bring in may be worth more as a set of silverware than its value as melted metal. In that case, we’ll tell you. Then you can decide whether you want to take the time to sell it yourself or have us melt it. Some patterns are still valuable. Most are not. It’ll take some work to figure it out, but we’ll help you. If you don’t want the hassle, maybe it’s easier just to sell it. It’s your choice. We want you to do what’s best for you.

If you’d like to find out more about trading silver coins, silver jewelry or silver flatware, contact us at 832-259-7225 or come by the store at 2120 Welch St. in Houston.