Scrap Gold

Houston Scrap Gold Buyer

Houston Scrap Gold Buyer

Scrap gold comes in many shapes and sizes. An old necklace, a pair of broken earrings, an out of style bracelet or an old belt buckles. Sometimes watches are made of gold and if they’re not running, they can be scrapped. It all depends on you. The seller decides what the definition of scrap is. At Houston Gold Merchants, we’ll probably buy it, but we don’t want you to feel pressured. We let YOU decide what scrap is.

Basically if you can’t wear it anymore or you don’t want to wear it anymore, it qualifies as scrap. But again, that’s up to you. It’s important to remember that the decision is yours. Nobody should twist your arm when making the decision. An ethical vendor will allow you to decide which of your items you’d like to sell. At our store, you tell us what you’d like to do; we’ll help you do it.

When you are ready to sell your scrap gold jewelry in Houston? Or your scrap silver jewelry? We hope you’ll consider Houston Gold Merchants. We’ll give you much more than a great price. We’ll give you the resources to help you make the most informed decision possible. One of these tools is a gold price calculator. (You can click here to use the calculator).

Use the calculator to determine the approximate amount of cash for your gold you can expect to receive. Remember that your gold’s value is based on karat weight and total weight, usually measured in grams. Multiply the grams times the price per karat weight and you’ll know what your gold is worth. You weigh the gold and our calculator will do the rest.


Maybe you want to donate some money to charity. Or maybe you want to buy uniforms for the local high school band. There are as many different reasons to trade in scrap gold, as there are people who trade it.

Maybe you’d like to buy newer, more stylish jewelry and you need to trade in some jewelry to do it. We get that a lot. Maybe you want to pay off a credit card or pay other bills.

Whatever the case, we’ll give you honest answers to your questions and we’ll give a competitive price on your jewelry. But equally as important, we’ll make the experience a pleasant one.

At Houston Gold Merchants, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. With the information you get, you can choose to do business with us, you can use the information to shop around, but you’ll always leave here more informed.